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FREE Digital Backdrops, for YOU

Yes, that is true. Here you can download the
full resolution (typically 6-10MP) images for free,
and you won't even have to go through any sign-up process.

Here are some of the many possible uses of digital backdrops:

  • In portrait pictures of people, you can substitute the original background with a backdrop of your choice.
  • For a cityscape that has only empty sky in background (which is pretty boring), you can put a backdrop of nice clouds instead.
  • Digital backdrops are great for using as background in web pages. They can be used as desktop wallpaper images as well.
  • The high resolution images can be printed and used for creating scrapbooks.
  • They can be used as the background layer for a display of several photos in one page as a collage.
  • Digital backdrops are great for product photography also.
  • They can also be used for many other creative purposes, like making greetings cards or calendars.
  • Please visit our Gallery to view our collection of a variety of digital backdrops,
    and the Examples page to see some of the possible uses of them.


    Did you make a great image using one of our backdrops that you would like to be considered for display in our Showcase ? Did you create your own digital backdrops that you would like to share with others? Please email us your work. We would love to see them.

    Rainbow Macaw. Photo by NaturePics.
    You can visit our Gallery section for a selection of such background images.

    Click here for Free Digital Calendars of 2018